Immortals - 3D Stereo Consulting 2011  

Fright Night - 3D Stereo Consulting 2011  

VW Jetta :60 “Paper”; Previz, shoot thru delivery 2011W Jetta :60 “Paper”; Previz, shoot thru delivery 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - 3D Stereo Consulting 2010  

My Soul to Take - 3D Stereo Consulting 2010


CHRIS “CB” BROWN: Executive Produced for Sassoon Film Design HAUNTED LIGHT HOUSE 3D, MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION, LIONS 3D, U2-3D, MUMMIES 3D, ARABIA 3D, G FORCE and ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D. He has been on the cutting edge of 3D conversion and has produced dozens of tests for future 3D films. Visual Effects Supervisor for Wing Commander, Life as a House, Dark Blue, Spartan, De Lovely, The Big White, Lars and the Real Girl, Hamlet 2 and most recently Father Of Invention. Produced for Boss Film Studios the features OUTBREAK, WATERWORLD, TURBULENCE, and AIR FORCE ONE. CB has most recently completed 3D Consulting on FRIGHT NIGHT, MY SOUL TO TAKE, and NARNIA 3D.  

REBECCA RAMSEY: 3D stereo production is the current arena where Ramsey is applying her extensive skills in producing visual effects. Recognizing the need for additional production management in 3D productions and conversions, Ramsey spearheaded the formation of 3DCG Stereo Consulting Group.  Rebecca was embedded with 3D Revolution during IMMORTALS as a stereo producer, in addition to recently serving as stereo producer on CONAN THE BARBARIAN and HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS: Part 2 at Gradient/Stereo Intl., and LIFE OF PI at yU+co. She also served as 3D producing consultant to Relativity Media’s MY SOUL TO TAKE, and an in-cinema, 3D stereo commercial for Volkswagen’s JETTA “PAPER.” Her additional stereo production credits with 3DCG include work on FRIGHT NIGHT for Dreamworks, and the trailer for NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER for Walden Media, among additional conversion consulting projects. Ramsey’s prior stereo experience includes working with Sassoon Film Design as bidding producer for the company’s contributions to Sony Picture’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and lending her producing talents to their 3D conversion of Disney’s G-FORCE. Her additional 3D credits include NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS; handling overflow for ILM while executive producer at Look Effects, and ALIENS OF THE DEEP; executive producing the 3D conversion process. Ramsey’s vast experience executive producing visual effects and motion graphics for film, television and feature marketing, which originally began at RGA/LA, continually provides valuable perspective to 3DCG’s current productions.                                                                             

JOHNATHAN BANTA: Visual Effects supervisor on several large format stereo films, including MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION (VES award winner), SEA MONSTERS 3D, U2-3D, HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE 3D, LIONS 3D, MUMMIES 3D, SESAME STREET 3D, and SIEGFRIED AND ROY THE MAGIC BOX. Johnathan is a BOSS Film Studios alumnus, Emmy nominee for JERICHO, FRINGE, VES Award winner for ROVING MARS and VES Nominee for “V THE SERIES.” His work also appears on Award winning menu design for STAR WARS, TITANIC, and T2 DVD titles. He has many feature film credits in visual effects. Johnathan designs stereo conversion pipeline and techniques, he implemented them at Sassoon Film Design, and Zoic Studios.  

DAVID STUMP ASC’s combined expertise in cinematography, 3D stereography, HD and visual effects has propelled him to the forefront of these industries’ developing technologies. His extensive 3D and visual effects supervising work reaches back to the 80's on milestone projects including JAWS 3D, THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE in 3D, continuing into current productions such as Wes Craven’s MY SOUL TO TAKE. Dave’s involvement in the productions includes pioneering innovations including co- designing 3D camera rigs such as the one used for 3ality's 3D Super Bowl and U2 shoots as well as several other new technologies for 3D rigs currently under construction. Dave is the one that the Producer’s Guild of America and the American Society of Cinematographers entrusted to lead and guide their recent Camera Assessment Series; a side by side comparison of all seven high end digital cinema cameras to film. He is the Chairman of the ASC’s Camera and 3D subcommittees and has been honored with an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement as well as with an Emmy award and nomination. His talents as visual effects supervisor and as director of photography of visual effects have led to collaborations with many of the industry’s top directors, producers and visual effects supervisors on projects including BATMAN & ROBIN , BATMAN FOREVER, A QUANTUM OF SOLACE, CONTACT, FANTASTIC FOUR, HOLLOW MAN, X-MEN and X-MEN 2, to name only a few.