The stereo consulting group is a collection of highly experienced individuals with specialty in stereo filmmaking. Collectively the team has more than sixty years of stereo 3D work under their belt, with Focus in visual effects, production, and cinematography. 

With so much emphasis on stereo films, commercials, and new media it is important that as a community we are successful. To this end the Stereo Consulting group formed to share expertise in acquisition, production, management, and pipeline design for 3D films and 3D conversions. We are Stereographers, cinematographers, producers, visual effects artists and supervisors. 

Recently, the 3DCG team has helped several stereo conversion projects complete their tasks, and meet the deadline. They have also brought visual effects teams with no stereo experience up to speed in short order. Several productions turned to 3DCG for recommendations of stereo camera systems, and to recommend stereo personnel. 

Stereo 3D conversion is an area of specialty for the team, having created and managed pipeline and method for several hollywood films and IMAX productions. We evaluate new companies as needed, help refine their pipeline, and assist in production management. 

Stereo filmmaking is more than just adding another camera, it is the proper systems and personnel to run them. It is also knowing what to do with the imagery when it reaches postflow and visual effects. We have this experience.

What is the cost of 3D to the vendor? How do you bid a process you have never approached? The production team of 3DCG has decades of experience in visual effects, production management, and bidding for stereo VFX and conversion. 

We integrate into your structure and train your team to handle the stereo format.